What Are You Waiting For?

You’re only one form, call or visit away from driving home a new vehicle today. Even if you have bad or no credit, even if you’ve been told NO before, come to the yes guys at Seacoast Mazda.

The Home of YES.


No One's Perfect

Have you been told “No” everywhere you’ve gone to get a car? We understand times are tough right now, and that’s why we’re known as the “Yes Guys.” Even if you have bad credit or no credit, even if you’ve been turned down before, we will help you get the car you need to get on with your life. We’ll get you something reliable that will get you where you’re going and look good on the way there.

You shouldn’t have to take no for an answer. Come experience the beauty of “Yes”

If you want to drive home in a car today, all you have to do is come in with a utility bill (such as a phone or cellphone bill) and a valid ID. We’ll walk you through the process and get you rolling. Hit “Get My Yes Now” to start the process immediately.



It’s shorter than you may think

We have streamlined our process to get you on the road in as little as an hour. You come in, we figure out your credit situation no matter what your history, and you drive home in your new car. It’s as simple as that. Click “Get My Yes Now,” fill out the form, and strap on your driving shoes.

A Car You—Yes, YOU—Can Afford

You may still be shaking your head, thinking you can’t afford a car. As the Yes Guys, we specialize in helping people just like you. We do it every day. Our finance team is the best in the business and NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CREDIT SITUATION; we will get you into a car today. All you need is a utility bill (like a phone or cellphone bill) and a valid ID. Don’t have a utility bill? Just bring in a bank statement with proof of income. We WILL get you into a car. The only thing holding you back is you, so get your yes now!

Quality That Doesn’t Compromise

Not only will we get you into a car, we’ll get you into a car that you’re proud to drive down the street. When you talk to our financial experts, they’ll match you with the latest model vehicle with the lowest miles. All of our cars undergo a 135 point inspection so not only do they look great, they’re safe and sure to keep you rolling for years to come. Get your YES now!